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Setup a new Shopify store or connect your existing one. After that, add the Merch.Music App to your store. It’s FREE and sign up needed.



Select the merch products that you love. Add your artwork, play with it, and publish to your shop. Ready to sell, instantly.



We produce all orders as locally as possible. Reducing unnecessary transit and delivery times.

Products you can sell.

+100 products available from our curated and sustainable catalogue






Tote bags.

Phone cases.

Drum sticks.

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“ We’ve had a fantastic experience working with Merch.Music so far. It’s not just been their commercial offering, but the quality of the items they manufacture, and their engagement and accessibility. We’ve been able to offer our fans a far greater choice of products, designs, sizes and colours than we otherwise would have, enabling them to more easily own items that resonate with their personal styles and band experiences. “

BC Camplight’s management company VRTU Music