How it works.

With Merch.Music all artists and creators — from early-stage to established — are able to create and sell 100+ quality merchandising products with zero risk, stock or commitment. Choose your solution and start generating revenue in minutes with no upfront costs.

Stanley/Stella Drummer

Set up in a few steps.

Creating awesome merch and growing your business is done in a few easy steps. Set up and go live. No need to worry about the hassle, we handle the rest.

01. Connect

Connect the Merch.Music App to your eCom solution like Shopify. It’s FREE, no sign up needed. Don't have an e-commerce shop and want a super easy start? Launch your Artist Store on our platform.

02. Create

Select the merch products that you love. Add your artwork, play with it, and publish to your shop.

03. Sell

You focus only on designs and marketing. Promote your store to your fanbase, we'll do the rest - print, pack and deliver!

Products you can sell.

100+ products available from our curated and sustainable catalogue






Tote bags.

Phone cases.

Drum sticks.

This is how you make money.

Just a very simple calculation. That’s all.

You sell a tee

€ 25

We produce and ship it

€ 10

Your profit*

€ 15

Choose your platform and start selling


Our App is free to use for all your merchandise product fulfilment on a global scale. Each product has a clear price that is available in the app directly. When you order a product through your shop, we will produce and ship the product directly to your customer. At the start of each month we will bill you the total value of the products you ordered.


All our products are designed with a global supply chain in mind - as such most of our products can be ordered by your customer anywhere in the world. We strive to select the closest producer possible to your customer, and in that way reduce unnecessary carbon emissions from unnecessarily lengthy shipping processes. In our App, each product has a price to ship for each country it is available in, which we will display as part of the product. When the product is ordered we will include the shipping as part of the invoice at the end of a billing cycle. The choice of whether if you wish to move this shipping cost to your customer is in your hands.


Billing for is done at the start of each month, for all fulfilled orders of the previous month. If your don't sell a product, we wont bill you for having it available. Each billing cycle you will receive an invoice listing all the details and VAT requirements for each locale relevant for your business operations.

Trusted by the Music Industry.

Trusted by the Music Industry.

“ We’ve had a fantastic experience working with Merch.Music so far. It’s not just been their commercial offering, but the quality of the items they manufacture, and their engagement and accessibility. We’ve been able to offer our fans a far greater choice of products, designs, sizes and colours than we otherwise would have, enabling them to more easily own items that resonate with their personal styles and band experiences. “

BC Camplight’s management company VRTU Music